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atomic body composition analysis

Our mobile analysis service brings to you the latest in cutting edge technologies in determining a persons body composition. In less than two minutes we can provide you with the key information you need to know about your body.

Unlike bathroom scales, we can tell you more than just what you 'weigh'. Our segmental analysis gives you a much more in depth look at what you are made of.

Atomic Body Composition Analysis Man Scan Melbourne
You will find out your 
- Skeletal Muscle Mass             
- Protein Mass
- Body fat (kg & %)
- Bone Mineral Content
- Total Body Water
- Visceral Fat (kg)
- A segmental Analysis 
- Age Match to Body
- Basal Metabolic Rate
- Plus much, much more!
Amazing features:
- Highly accurate
- Fast. Results in under 2 minutes
- Non-intrusive or claustrophobic
- Safe to use
- Detailed and easy to interpret result sheet
- Individual ID to track your progress
- Fully mobile service

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